Greetings all!  We are the Hoftiezers, Doug,Kris,Jake, and Casey. After 25 happy years of marriage, God has finally called upon our hearts to live into our dream of moving to Americas last great frontier, ALASKA! On October 28, 2013, I begin my new career at AVTEC (Alaska Vocational Technical Educational Center) as a Construction Trades Instructor. This has been a career path I've been seeking for quite awhile. The chance to pass on the skills and knowledge that I was fortunate enough to be taught, on to the next generation of tradespeople.
  Jake is currently in his senior year at South Dakota State University studying Mechanical Engineering. He will continue his current path and join us whenever possible. Casey completed one year at Concordia and decided she was unsure of what career path to pursue. She decided to join us here in Alaska August 2014. She now works at Mountain Haven as a CNA. Kris is currently working at the Hospital in town. She is in billing, but mainly works the ER desk registering patients and helping where needed. We will keep this site updated as the adventure progresses. God Bless You All!‚Äč